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Reconnect to Your Inner Source of Abundant Health

Are you ready to feel good and lead a thriving life? You are so very deserving of allowing in all of your good. My experience via my clients and personal healing journey has been that healing through the subtle energy field, or Bioenergetics, can produce incredible results. By raising the frequencies, or vibration, and opening up the natural flow of energy through and around each being, the body and spirit will restore itself to a state of well-being. It is very safe, and can invoke:

Tammy Billups, Founder of Sundance Healing Center (2015)
  • Greater clarity, direction and boundaries
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced self-esteem and personal power
  • A greater capacity for self-acceptance and self-love
  • Decreased levels of stress, anxiety, fear, grief and depression
  • Balancing of immune and nervous systems
  • Healing and transformation in your relationships
  • A feeling of connection which induces safety and hope

When emotional wounds are released at the energetic level, it can expedite a deeper connection to a natural state of self-love which is the highest vibration of inner healing possible. At the core of every being, under the cloak that is protecting their emotional wounds, is an abundance of worthiness waiting to be released so that they can begin thriving, and living with purpose and joy.

My approach to personal transformation is holistic, focusing on each client as a unique being of body, mind and spirit. My intention is to serve as a facilitator in your self-initiated healing journey as a committed and compassionate partner in the process.

May you always feel love in your heart, peace in your soul, and the joy of sharing your life with animals.
With Love,

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About Tammy Billups

Discover the gateway to your animals soul. Deepen your shared connection.
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Healing for People

Healing People

Do you want to be grounded and connected, receive healing for a physical ailment, or embark on a deeper healing journey to release core emotional wounds that might be causing you to have stress, depression, and anxiety? All of life’s challenges can be supported and transformed through this progressive, non-invasive approach to wellness.

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Healing for Animals

Healing Animals

Does your animal companion have anxiety, a negative behavior or physical ailments? Animals are very receptive to Bioenergetic Healing. You’ll be amazed by the subtle, positive differences you see in your pet. Tammy’s intuitive guidance will help you to better understand their needs.

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